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Special design: integral brakes

Construction type integral brake:
From frame sizes 80 - 132, the motors can be fitted with integral brakes enclosed in the flameproof adapter housing, which is fitted-on the non-drive end of the motor to form a single unit. The system is completely maintenance free depending only on the lifespan of the brake linings.
The brake coil is energized by a silicon rectifier fitted inside the flameproof enclosure. The brake can be controlled from the AC or DC side. In addition, the motor is equipped with a protective resistor.
The brake coil will be connected via the terminals in motor terminal box.
The motors with intergral brakes are available with brake torque range from 8 - 100 Nm in the explosion-proof version II 2G Ex d(e) IIB + H2 T4 and II 2D IP65 T120°C.

Frame size: 80 - 132
Rating: 0,18 - 7,5 kW 



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