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  Technoloy in Motion

In 1952, ATB NORDENHAM GmbH built the first explosion-proof motor in flameproof protected enclosure design under the brand name of Felten & Guillaume (F&G) at the Nordenham plant in Germany. ATB NORDENHAM GmbH has started early in the development of low-noise and low-maintenance machines to meet the requirements of a high efficiency standard. Our involvement in such motor technology draws attention and recognition in the professional world. In 2002, the F&G Antriebstechnik was integrated into the global ATB-group and renamed as the ATB NORDENHAM GmbH. In the world motors are sold in flameproof design. In the worldwide market that flameproof motors are being sold, ATB is one of the leading suppliers in this industry. By specializing exclusively on flameproof motors, our customers will benefit from the unique know-how and highest competence that we have in this field. ATB is the specialist for motors with special features such as motor with integrated frequency converter in a flameproof enclosure as well as offshore or water-cooled versions. All solutions are uniquely customized, safe and reliable to meet the specific needs and requirements of your applications. We offer drives technology that you can reply on.




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