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Special design: on-deck installation

Electrical machines installed on-board ships; especially on the upper deck, on oil rigs, in port facilities and in sewage treatment plants; must be able to withstand a high level of corrosive resistance from the high humidity, saline atmosphere and occasional flooding. The same applies to fan motors in cooling systems and cooling towers.
Humidity is especially damaging to motors where extreme temperature changes occur, for example direct sunshine in the day followed by low temperatures at night.
For such application, ATB has developed motors in special corrosion-protected version. They are distinguished in addition to the many features of the industrial motor series, such as
• long life
• longer maintenance intervals
• high efficiency and performance
• low pollution of the environment

These Motors are incorporated with a series of measures designed to protect the surface, the seals and the ventilation system from the effects of water and chemical.
Motors intended for on-board vessels or offshore installations are supplied with the necessary approvals and acceptance certificates as specified by the relevant marine classification authorities. They also comply with the specifications of oil companies.

Frame size: 63 - 500
Rating: 0,12 - 880 kW


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