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Special design: water-cooled

The water-cooled ATB motors offer the following advantages:
• Reduced noise level due to omission of fan
• Prevention of air turbulence in dusty atmospheres (risk of dust explosion)
• Increased output compared to EN 50347 by a rating stage
• Mounting dimensions of IEC frame sizes are maintained
• Good heat removal without dissipation into surrounding air
• Potential for use of dissipated heat in heat exchangers

The standard version of the motors are ingress protection IP55, in special versions up to IP56. They are suitable for outdoors installation and in humid and dusty atmospheres. The motor housing is a made of welded steel construction and is double-walled for water-cooling. To prevent corrosion, the water jacket is coated internally with several layers of synthetic material. All motors are equipped with PTC thermistor temperature sensors for overload protection. Flow monitoring devices are therefore not required for monitoring of the cooling water.

Frame size: 160 - 355
Rating: 13,5 - 400 kW 


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