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Compact Drives

We have the solution: a motor with frequency inverter!

This combination offers many advantages:
•  Variable speed drive systems for use in Zone 1 in explosive atmosphere
Spatial integration of flameproof motors (series CD) in standard version with a specially-adapted frequency inverter from the mass production technology
By the spatial integration the resonance effects are avoided in the drive cable, because there is only a sinusoidal power supply to be connected. This means that the necessary filter technology can be omitted at the external mounting of the converter
The drive observes the highest standards in the control range by applying the vector control
The built-in PID controller simplifies the process control
The available bus technology allows optimum adaptation to the work process
The frequency component can be retrofitted for all PTC-series motors from size CD 80 - 160
The mounting dimensions are standardized. In many applications, the motors
(for Example EEx e) could be exchanged for this compact drive
The payback for this investment is calculated on the energy savings
Mechanical controls equipments with throttle controls and bypasses can be replaced easily. The efficiency of your systems is improved significantly.

Frame size: 80 - 160

Rating: 0,55 - 11 kW
Voltage: 380 - 500 V



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