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Special Designed Motors

We offer very comprehensive special designs for explosion-proof motors. We build all the special designed motor, consistent to Ex policies and guidelines. E.g. brakes, tachometer, encoder, reverse-running lock, etc. This compact design offers significant space savings and the possibility for a second shaft end.

Example reverse-running lock:
In the operation of conveying systems or pumps, the reverse-running lock prevents reverse-running after the motor is shutdown. Installation of locking ball bearing is possible for frame sizes 80 to 100. This is especially recommended if the execution should be combined with another attachment. Although the locking bodies are integrated into the bearing, the load-bearing capacity of the bearing is reduced only slightly compared to a normal bearings. From frame size 90, the reserve-running lock can also be used mounted onto a reinforced fan cowl directly on the extended motor shaft. This reverse-running lock is constructed so that the clamping pieces lift off the stationary outer ring due to the centrifugal force, with retention of the minimum speed. No additional frictional forces or noise are therefore generated with this version.



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